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When "Calm Down!" Isn't Enough...

How to Tackle Meltdowns, Anxiety, and Depression in Your Daughter...

...without repeating some of the painful encounters you may have experienced with your own mom growing up.

Instead of struggling yourself...

Here is everything you need to know in order to tackle this frustrating problem.

✓ Help your daughter avoid those exhausting mood swings and move from quitting to persisting.

✓ Build in her strong resistance to anxiety and depression by supporting her in moving from feeling inadequate to feeling confident.

✓ Provide the very specific responses she needs from you in order to get off the Self-Esteem Roller Coaster so she can hang in there even when she’s becoming overwhelmed. 

This course includes:

🌸 6 Guided Video Lessons

🌸 6 Activities for You to Build Your Daughters Confidence 

🌸 9 Worksheets & Quick Reference Guides

🌸 Lifetime Access

🌸 Also, get a Lifetime Access to my Private Facebook Community where you get to ask your questions, share your experiences with Fran and celebrate your progress.